I&C of Miscellaneous Telecom EQs

To support customer on installation of miscellaneous equipments used in switching center, BSC or OLTE sites, TNS has teams to install and commission following equipments

  • Battery bank for MSC sites
  • Power Plant for MSC, BTS, BSC and OLTE sites
  • MDF for Switching Centers
  • DDF for Switching Centers, OLTE Sites, BSC Sites
  • FMS (Fiber Management System) for OLTE sites

Apart from passive components of site, in miscellaneous category of installation TNS had been carrying out installation of Soft Switches. TNS is one of the certified partners for Tekelec for providing these services. Soft Switch installation requires high skills on installation practices, TNS expert and advance installation team carries out this task. Only Tekelec certified teams deputed for the installation activity.