Cool Doors

Doors play very important roll for energy saving of cold storage. Higher the heat losses, higher will be energy cost. Coolsway door solutions comply international standards and made out of high quality material and components to give it long lasting durability and heat efficiency.

Varied thickness of PU insulated doors are available with customized design for various applications in Chiller Rooms, Freezer Rooms and Blast Freezer Rooms. Coolsway provides after sale service and annual service contract also for all kind of doors it supplies.
Three kinds of doors are primarily focused by Coolsway.
• Swing Doors
• Sliding Doors
• Medical Utility Doors
• Other than these CA doors and hatch doors are also available.

Profitable Operation :
• Cold storage doors play an important and integral role in the profitable operation of the modern cold storage. It provides following functions:
• Effectively control, Produce and trolley movement and human.
• Maintain Desired Temperatures by stopping heat going out.
• Reduces unwanted access
• Saving of energy costs

Selection & manufacturing the right door for operation can mean a system that will deliver the required level of performance at the lowest maintenance cost and at the right price

Design Criteria for Doors:
• What kind of application?
• Building design
• Openings planned
• Estimated traffic
• As per opening, required size.
• Temperature requirements
• Coatings preferences
• Color preferences

How the Doors Shall be:
• Robust to withstand industrial uses
• Heavy duty framework
• Panels having desired insulation
• If required, regulating heaters
• Excellent quality hinges, locks, seals , guide rollers

Installation of Door:
• Installation of job is very skilled job, poor installation will render the good door useless.
• Smooth and trouble free operation of all fittings
• Full hermetic sealing
• Checker plates and bumpers shall be used for avoiding accidental damage

Maintenance of Door:
• Quality Manufactured and properly installed doors require less maintenance
• Follow regular maintenance schedules. Annual maintenance contract with the company ensures longevity and durability.
• Ensure tracks are cleaned regularly
• All loose parts are working properly and changed if worn out
• Accidental damages or Repairs if required should be carried out immediately so that damage is contained and the efficiency of a door is not compromised.
• Always use OEM spares.