Hospitality industry is ever green industry, even growing rapidly with encouraging trend as more and more people are planning holidays, adventurous trips, organizing parties at open areas, booking resorts for longer durations in hilly areas.
At times it is difficult to construct such large space for smaller duration of tourist stay in season of a year. Permanent construction requires buying land and then it takes longer duration for construction with risk of occupancy. It can not be shifted to other location if required. PUF Based hospitality solution takes care of all these challenges and could prove to be a profitable solution for all those entrepreneurs who want to take the clients away from typical conventional and explored locations to unexplored new locations. Leased rented land with necessary approvals and PUF based hospitality engineering solutions may prove more economical, solve the problem of space in remote unexplored location and hospitality industry may provide variety of location with large boost to industry as well as passing benefits to local residents of those remote areas.

Coolsway's Hospitality Engineering Solutions:
Coolsway has team of architects and structural engineers to provide customized solutions. Small huts may be installed with minimum use of steel and civil work with all architectural specification as per drawing, Larger units i.e. restaurants, marriage halls, double storied cottages require structure designing and PEB solutions. Still these solutions are 4-5 times faster than conventional building solutions as well as cost effective.
There are certain standard drawings and architectural designs available. Clients may either choose from these designs or customized design concept may be discussed with architect and after final approval from client execution is done.
Coolsway can take up end to end project including site survey, engineering, layout planning, customized production and finally installation. Coolsway has professional team to carry out engineering and project management for deployment. A close interface with client is carried out at every stage of project so that scope is clearly understood and executed. 24X7 assistant cell is active to support post installation issues.

Application Areas:
There could be number of application area in hospitality sector some are given below -
• Cottages
• Restaurants • Coffee Huts
• Quick space solution in big events like Kumbh, Common Wealth Games etc.
• Adventure trip camps