Porta Cabin

Conventional way of making infrastructure by bricks and concrete is time consuming and can not be made temporary and can not be shifted. Site project offices, make shift schools, any urgent need of space for offices can be made of PUF panels. Telecom shelters deployment in India and abroad is one of best example how the PUF Panels are used extensively

Coolsway cool cabins are those cabins or rooms where no extensive steel structure is needed. Either the PUF panel based structure is sufficient to take the loads or bare minimum steel structure required. For extensive structure or large building solutions PEB (Pre Engineering Buildings) are used where structure is designed and pre fabricated. For PEB segment, please visit PEB link

PUF panels are widely used in telecom shelter, same way it can also be used in residential or office segments i.e. making air-conditioned gym, guest room, servant room, store room, clinic or offices, office canteens, schools, project offices etc. Apart from this a higher income group segment is buying farm houses and interested in developing cute looking cottage in farm house with minimum investment. Such cottages can be constructed with PUF Based engineering solutions.

Advantage Cool Cabins made of PUF Panels
• Fast deployment
• Heat insulation
• Aesthetic look
• Easy to dismantle and reuse
• Can be shipped to any remote location and installed
• Easy to maintain
• Long life
• Maintenance Free

Coolsway advantage:
Coolsway can take up end to end project including site survey, layout planning, customized production and finally installation. Coolsway has professional team to carry out engineering and project management for deployment. A close interface with client is carried out at every sage of project so that scope is clearly understood and executed. 24X7 assistant cell is active to support post installation issues.

Cool Cabin Application at a Glance:
• Some of the application of cool cabin are-
• Telecom Shelters
• Residential use – gym, garage, store, guest room, servant room
• Site offices
• Defense utility specially at high altitude residences and mobile toilets
• Schools
• Telephone Booths
•Traffic shed
• Security Cabin
• Farm houses