Mobile Vans

There is extensive use of PUF panels in medical industry be it operation theaters or pharmaceutical plants. Apart from its insulation property,
For integrated cold chain, mobile vans play a very important roll. Again a van carrying perishable goods needs to be refrigerated. The refrigeration requires insulated chamber to reduce heat loss. PUF based vans are most preferred to provide insulation as well as mechanical strength.

Coolsway mobile vans are fabricated in three stages:
Mechanical - Depending upon size and load, mechanical frames and body is designed. These frames are properly welded to the chassis of the van. Once body is ready it is painted with red oxide to minimize corrosion.
Insulation - Once body is ready, pre fabricated PUF panels as per designed size and shapes are inserted inside frame and all panels are locked. Double leaf swing door as per design are installed and whole arrangement is thoroughly checked for proper sealing.
Refrigeration – Mobile van unit need to be properly designed for refrigeration requirements. This is most vital as significant part of the operation cost is factored in refrigeration.

Why Coolsway for Mobile Vans:
Mobile vans are moving at various road conditions. The mechanical structure needs to be designed keeping in mind the uses and drive conditions. COOLSWAY design team ensures that all frame works are designed with keeping in mind all engineering parameters. Fabrications, specially welding are done under supervision of expert welders and dye tests are carried out to ensure proper welding.
Not only product quality of PUF panels but it installation is equally important for any mobile van. Double leaf swing door requires engineering as well as high standards of installation practices.
Refrigeration systems are design so that it does not overload the engine and same time required tonnage is achieved. COOLSWAY has approved suppliers from air-conditioning and refrigeration industry expert in providing solutions and product in the field of transport industry.

Applications of Mobile Vans
• Transporting fruits, vegetables or perishable goods.
• Medical Sector – Dialysis Van, Emergency operation Van etc.