Cell Site Electrical

Cell site electrical is the last activity to be carried out to make site RFI for telecommunication equipment installation. Being the last in pipe, there is always pressure to complete the sites in squeezed time, TNS could always achieve the time lines with quality and scope by better project management, better inventory management, deploying motivated manpower of TNS roll only, in process checks, continuous training and certification of technicians, Head office QA audits to assess the conformance and compliances.

The project is monitored by electrical coordinator who reports to circle project manager. Circle project manager is interface to customer for feedback, acceptance, and periodic meetings. Projects are closely monitored by coordinator and project manager. Emphasis is given to achieve the targeted RFI dates.

1. Brief scope
Outdoor cabling.
Indoor wiring.
Lightening arrestor & aviation light.
Fire alarm system.

2. Major check points
Installation and clamping of power/control cables.
Thimbling and crimping.
Installation and clamping of conduits/channels.
Proper colour coding of wiring.
Installation of lighting fixtures.

3. Earthing system
Earthing for DG, shelter, tower and equipment.
GI plate, Cu plate, GEL, chemical & pipe are the type of earthing being done.