Cell Site Foundation & Civil

1. Team Skill set
All project managers are graduate engineers having 6+ experience.
All site supervisors are diploma in civil, having 2+ experience.

2. Supervision
All the sites are supervised by TNS site supervisors.
Whole of a circle's site in turn is managed by Project Manager.

3. Curing and curing time
Curing is of utmost importance and hence extra care is taken in doing the curing by wet gunny bags.
Curing is done as specified.

4. Specifications of Material used (Make varies from customer to customer)
Reinforcement shall be of Fe415.
Cement shall be OPC 43 Grade
Coarse aggregate of nominal size 20mm
Fine aggregate (passing through 4.75mm sieve).
Potable water
Class A brick

5. IS code used
Reinforcement :Confirm to IS:1786.
Cement :Confirm to IS:456
Potable water :Confirming to IS:456.

6. Major Checks for Tower Foundation
Bar binding – Check of bars as per BBS, material.
Raft Casting – Check of material, grade of concrete.
Template setting – water level
Bolt grouting – Check of material, grade of concrete.

7. Major Check for Civil
Excavation of Guard Room & boundary wall as per drawing.
PCC grade
Brick masonry as per drawing and mortar.
Chain link fencing as per drawing.
Proper compaction of earth at the site.
Pathway as per the drawing.