Structure Audit and Analysis

This activity is carried out by TNS to check structure suitability of the building to ensure that building is safe for tower. A competent and professional team in the field of structures carries out this activity and structure analysis report is generated by using appropriate software tools.

All the towers require foundation for erecting it either on the roof top or in the ground. The foundation is designed in such a way so as to encounter the forces coming from the tower. Moreover the foundation designed should not affect the mother structure in case of roof top. For this purpose the designer should design the foundation in such a way that the mother structure as well as the tower foundation remains structurally stable. For this purpose structure stability analysis is done.

The structure stability means to check, whether the structure of tower, tower foundation as well as the building structure after considering all the design criteria from IS codes and the extreme condition for the particular area under which it falls, is safe or not.

The process of structural stability includes the visual inspection of the tower as well as Mother structure and the design check of tower, tower foundation and mother structure.

Stability Analysis includes following two steps

1. Visual Inspection
Visual inspection includes the checking of building condition, the continuity of columns, beams, the locality of the existing building, age of the building, type of building, type of structure on which tower is erected or to be erected.

2.Design Check
Design check includes the manual as well as computer aided STADD checking under the adverse condition with taking all major criticalities as per the given condition of the INDIAN STANDARD Codes considering the terrain condition and the wind as well as seismic condition of the particular area under consideration.