I&Cof MW EQs

Pre Installation Activities:
Site survey, preparation of SDR
Material checking and accurately escalating any material shortages / damages to the customer.
Mounts availability of M/W antenna at near & far end on towers as per the technical details furnished by customer.

Installation Activities:
MW Installation -Indoor MW rack, M/W link ( 1+ 0) or ( 1 + 1)
Installation of outdoor equipment (Antenna / IF cables / IF connectorization / IF cable grounding / weather proofing of outdoor cables.
Alignment & Commissioning of MW.

TNS has installed MW Equipments of different suppliers as per list below:
Ericsson-Mini link E &C,
Siemens- SRAL (PDH & SDH), SRAL XD
Nokia- Flexihopper & Metrohopper

Tools Used :
Set of standard installation tools
Connectorization tools
Power meter (digital/anolouge)
Safety belts& helmets
Ropes & other accessories

Software used for MW Commissioning:
For Ericsson M/W - Mini-ink-C, Mini-link-E.
For Nokia M/W - Flexi Hopper Manager
For Siemens M/W- SRAL- LMT ( Local Monitoring Terminal)

Major Check Points:
Antenna height and azimuth.
IF cable connectorization, routing , roxtec sealing, weather proofing cable and grounding.
Labeling of all equipments and cables as per the standard of customers.
Housekeeping and general cleaning / removal of debris from site location.