RF Survey

RF survey is carried out to find out suitable location for BTS cell site giving best desired result on RF. RF Survey is done after the RF planning. RF planning data is created based on indoor & outdoor coverage criteria in the circle where mobile services are to be provided. RF survey is important because it gives visual details to RF planner. Based on these details planner can create better model.

Three types of RF survey is conducted:
a.) Nominal Survey
b.) Hot Spot Survey
c.) CRM survey

Tools used during the RF survey:
a.) GPS
b.) Digital Camera
c.) Magnetic Compass
d.) Map Info Software

Important points to be checked during RF Survey:
a.) Type of area- Residential/commercial
b.) Type of Population- Income wise
c.) Any hilly areas or rivers or forest falling & direction
d.) Type of buildings available
e.) Check for immediate obstructions
f.) Check for coverage objectives