RF Site Audit

Mobile Networks are growing at high pace and optimization is in daily need. Network Optimization is only fruitful if done after knowing the exact physical parameters of Mobile Sites. Due to regular activities, antenna orientation/ antenna tilt/ TRXs changes, there is likely hood on deviation between database and actual.

Site Audit
Site audit involves the physical verification of site. Following are the major check points covered in site audit:
Tower Height.
GSM Antenna orientation & count.
GSM antenna tilt ( Mechanical/ Electrical)
Feeders condition.
VSWR Checks.
BTS working conditions.
Number of TRX present ( working/ Faulty)
Microwave antenna presents & there type/size.
Site layout diagram.
Clutter served by the sectors with photographs.

Tools Required for Site Audit:
Following are the major tools required for site audit:-
Measuring Tape.
VSWR Meter.

TNS is having experienced manpower in Site Audit.
TNS provides skilled manpower for site audit.
TNS believes site audit as one of the major part of optimization in today's network.
TNS provides the quality output.
TNS monitors its projects on daily basis for better output.
TNS tracks for timely submission of reports.
Many audits are conducted in night to avoid outages.