I&C of Optical EQs

TNS has carried out Installation, commissioning & Testing of OLTE racks for Nortel Networks for Reliance and Bharti Network all over India. TNS has also carried installation and commissioning of Marconi optical equipments.

Types of Equipments:

Pre Installation Activity:
Site walk is pre installation activity mainly carried out to ensure that the site is ready for the installation of telecom equipment. The readiness is checked to make sure infrastructure with electrical support is ready and in operational condition before installation and commissioning of the equipment is planned.

Installation Activity:
Installation of main rack and various sub racks, DDF installation and laying and termination of E1s as per installation manual. All equipments shall be grounded properly and power connection shall be terminated by checking polarity.

Standalone testes are carried out after powering up of equipments using commissioning tools. DTA is used for bit error checks and optical power meter are used to check optical power and set the equipment for desired output power.

Link test is carried out to check connectivity between two stations and in the ring. Ring test is carried out to ensure redundancy in the path.
TNS has deployed, commissioned and integrated 2000+ optical equipments including SDH1 to SDH16 and DWDM across India.