I&C of GSM and CDMA EQs

Once site is declare Infra RFI the installation team carries out site survey, and BTS material transportation intimation is given to customer.

Check the material as per check list and intimate deficiencies to customer. Indoor activity includes BTS installation, cards insertion, laying and connecting power cables with correct polarity and Kroning of alarm cable with proper colour codes and pin configuration. Outdoor activity includes mounting of GSM antenna, feeder cable, connectorization, cable routing, clamping and grounding as per the standards.. Assembly of battery bank and integrating with power plant is optional. Labeling at all equipments and cables is carried out.

TNS has installed BTS of different suppliers as per list below:
Ericsson-2202,2204,2206,2106,2104,2309,2964 and 2111 (900 & 1800 MHz)
Motorola-Horizon H1& H2(900 & 1800 MHz)
Nokia- Ultra, Micro, Outdoor, Metro and Flexi
Lucent-Mod-3, Mod-4, Mod-4 B and C-4400
Alcatel – A-9100 and A-9120

Tools :
Set of standard installation tools, Connectorization tools, Site Master, VSWR meter, Laptop, Frequency counter, Power meter, Safety belts & helmets, Ropes & other accessories

Software used for BTS Commissioning:
For Ericsson BTS – OMT ( Operational Maintenance Terminal )
For Nokia BTS - Nokia BTS Manager and Nokia Flexi edge manager.
For Siemens BTS – LCT. ( Local Cross Terminal)
For Lucent BTS - RMT ( Remote Maintenance Tools)V-20, V-24, V-25, V-26, and V-28.
For Alcatel BTS – BTR (BTS Terminal Release) V- B-9.

Major Check points:
GSM & M/W pole mount and antenna height and Azimuth.
Feeder cable connectorization, routing ,check sector swapping , roxtec sealing, weather proofing of outdoor feeders / Cable crimping and grounding.
Battery Bank & Power plant connections, tightening of terminals and grounding of all other equipments.
Labeling of all equipments and cables as per the standard of customers.
Housekeeping and general cleaning / removal of debris from site location.

Known for quality work, commitment level and supports customer as per his requirement on immediate basis.
Known for timely completion of site and handing it over to the customer.
Minimum reworks to confirm quality standards.
Use of standard installation tools and test equipments.
Use proper safety precautions and compliance of labour laws.